How to look great in photos at the company party with these tips.

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It is the season for holiday parties and you know what that means, pictures and lots of them.  If you are one of those people who love their photo taken and always seem to look good then this probably isn’t worth reading. But if you are like me, you might need a little support in the “what do I do with my hands?” department. 

Tis’ the season for company party photos


I never used to be camera shy, as a matter of fact years  ago (far to many to say out loud) I won Miss Photogenic in on of the pageants I was in.  No big deal, except it was all I ever one so I am pretty proud of it.  Funny now that I type that I think back to having that picture taken by mom moms friend who borrowed a “good” camera from a mother friend and we were in my moms living room, using the porch door and a curtain as a backdrop.  We did not have money for me to be in the pageant let alone pay for a quality headshot to enter with but it was required and I really wanted to do it.  Sorry way off topic there type point is, I used to love being on the opposite side of the camera but I sure have gotten comfortable behind it.  We all have our reasons, be them in our own head.  I don’t mind telling you that often times when ladies share their huge flaws with me I had not even noticed it until they pointed it out and many times not even after that.  I get the insecurities though because I have them too.  This year I am especially nervous about being in the pictures because I have gained more weight than I care to admit and my husbands company is hosting a roof top Christmas party. I know fancy right? 


I found this pretty sweet cocktail jumpsuit on Cyber Monday that I think I look good in and already have my jewelry picked out but I may not feel comfortable in anything I decide to wear.  I will share this little secret with you though.   I will practice at home in front of the mirror to find “my  good side” .  I often do  this with my smile for selfies.  


I can also follow some simple steps to look my best in the photos that I thought I would share with you too.  



  1. First start with your feet. Do not face the camera straight on, this is not a mug shot and if it is, none of these tips really matter. Instead, stand at an angle (for arguments sake I would say about a 45° angle and put your weight on your back foot.
  2. Posture is very important so be sure you pull your shoulders back and don’t slouch
  3. Put one shoulder toward the camera and then move your chin towards that shoulder. 
  4. Chin down. Not sure why we always lift our chins up so people are looking up our noses but we do. It doesn’t reduce the appearance of a double chin, if that is what you are thinking.   If anything it just draws the eye to it.  Instead do, what I like to call the turtle pop. Lift and push your chin forward then drop it back down. It will feel awkward but this is a good one. If you are really feeling it lean slightly towards the camera. 
  5. Position your arms and legs right will add shape not bulk. Try bending them to give them life. Bend your arms and hold them slightly away from your body. Bending your front knee will help you maintain the weight on your back leg.  
  6. Let but not least, where to put your hands.  On your hips is a great place because it gets your arms away from your body. I say do what feels most comfortable, for you, in you pockets, on your friends shoulder, in the air or holding a cocktail (or coffee).  I would avoid having them down at your side, as it adds bulk.


Also consider the pre party prep, hair makeup and what you wear will all help you feel more confident and that will show in the photos. The most important thing though is to be in the photos, do not hide o avoid them because you don’t like your smile these are fun and precious memories.  Which reminded me my last and maybe most valuable tip.....





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yeah, it is the right thing that the holiday of the photoshoot. I also love the photos of me. I read your blog and saw the images.
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