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I truly believe that the world needs to see all the awesomeness you have to offer.


Unfortunately, you have probably realized that just being awesome isn't enough.    You have to be seen to be heard, you have to show up in order to be seen, and that takes a lot of work, time, and planning.  Let me help you get back your time and reduce your stress you can do what you are really good at.  


We all know that social media is a great way to build a community, drive loyalty, and generate business leads but the trouble for so many small businesses is that it is time-consuming and ever-changing.  To be successful you must be consistent, provide valuable content, and show up but that is much harder than it sounds.  

One time and monthly services that will give you the freedom to run your business without worrying about what you should post, when, or where.  With a variety of services designed to fit your goals, budget, and marketing plan you can choose from 
full-time support, simple peace of mind or assistance with one important project.

More than Serendipity Social Media Tools and  services packages and price optionsMore than Serendipity Social Media Tools and services packages and price options

🔎Social Media Profile Audit & Optimization

🔎Monthly Consultation & Custom Content Calendar 

🔎Monthly Content Creation and Curation Packages

🔎Monthly Post Scheduling Packages


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My focus is creating engaging content that provides value, builds brand awareness, and helps my clients get their messages out consistently.  With a background in hotel sales & marketing and portrait
photography, I know how to build relationships and create quality visuals that will make you stand out.

A benefit of working in sales and marketing for big brands is that they offer amazing training.  This has given me the advantage of understanding the marketing process from step one of understanding your brand & defining your dream client through then creating brand touchpoints that attract that client. 

I develop social media strategies and visuals that focus on YOUR BRAND, value-based content, organic reach, and brand awareness.  My goal is to support small businesses like yours, so they can elevate their online presence, drive client loyalty, and ultimately make more money. 


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Full-Service Post Management 


Take the worry out of your social media all together with a full-service package. 



All-inclusive profile management includes:


🔎 Quarterly Consultation and Marketing Strategy Session


🔎 Custom Monthly Content Calendar 


🔎 Brand Photography monthly mini sessions


🔎 Post creation, curation, and scheduling


🔎 One to One audience engagement including responding to direct messages.


🔎 One daily story post



🔎 Monthly promotion/offer and event creations.


🔎 Profile  Maintenance - monthly review and optimization 



Monthly Consultation and Custom Content Calendar 



This is a monthly solution to your “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO POST” anxiety.  Once a month we will meet in person or via Zoom to review platform goals, production, successes, and any upcoming promotions and events your company is planning.    Within 5 days of that meeting, I will provide you with a custom content calendar for the following month. 



Simple Post Scheduling


If you know what you want to post but you never remember to do it, you can send it to me, exactly how you want it and any preferences on the post date and time.  I will create the post and schedule it for you.  You can add this service to the monthly consultation to create your own custom package.  This way you will stay consistent improving your page's overall performance without the cost of an in-house social media manager.  The cost per post could be less than $3.15.




One time services that will rock your world or at least you feel like you have more grounded



Branded & Industry Relevant Post Creation Packages 


Some types of posts consistently do well,  like quotes, testimonials, stories, and memes.  And there are posts you know should be included in your schedule without fail, like holidays, company anniversary and milestone, team birthdays.  



I can create some for you that are branded and can be used strategically, some of them more than once.  Each group will have a similar look, post size, and template to help you maintain consistency.


Social Media Profile Audit & Optimization 


Facebook Business Page Optimization


Facebook is the leader in the Social Media universe still.  Many younger users are choosing other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat however 65% of Facebook users are under the age of 35.  A survey done in early 2020 suggested that 78% of American consumers discovered products on Facebook & 44% of consumers say Facebook is the most influential platform in purchasing decisions.  It goes without saying that your business should have a quality presence on Facebook. A Facebook profile audit  & optimization includes the review and updates that will make your profile user friendly to your audience, provide value, and make your page easier to find.  Each business needs will be different but I will review and make updates and/or suggestions to the following:



Instagram Business Page Optimization


Instagram is all about images so it is a great place to build brand recognition.  At the end of 2019, a study run by Hootsuite said that Instagram has just under a billion users coming in behind Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp & WeChat.  Only about 37% of users are American adults with the majority of users being outside the USA.  (57% of users are in Iceland).  Usage in America continues to grow if your target client is between the ages of 18 and 35.  You should certainly have a presence on this platform.  Your profile on Instagram is not as detailed but there are things you can do to use it to your advantage when trying to build your followers.  I will review your feed and bio and provide you with updates and/or suggestions to the following:



LinkedIn profile optimization


If your business is B2B sales then this platform would be an excellent one for you to consider being active on.  LinkedIn has recently added business pages that you may find beneficial as well.  It has more users than Twitter, WhatsApp & Snapchat offers a great place to connect with a company's decision-maker.  I will review your feed and bio and provide you with updates and/or suggestions to the following:



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Social is not a four-letter word Facebook group designed to help women entrepreneurs be more effective with their social media marketing photoSocial is not a four-letter word Facebook group designed to help women entrepreneurs be more effective with their social media marketing
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I invite you to check out my latest blog as well.  Every month I post a calendar that includes daily posting suggestions, a monthly tip, and more.  You will also find that I share visual marketing and social media information that I believe will help you be a more effective marketer.