I love my clients! 

It is true, I give so much of myself into helping you capture what makes you, YOU that I feel a personal connection to you and your success. I always hope that goes both ways, and when it does I feel like I just have to give a little more.  


That is why I created the SMP VIP Club program, to reward my clients and fans for their amazing loyalty and support.  You deserve a loyalty program, and I want to give it to you. 

Perks of becoming an SMP VIP

  • 10% off every portrait session you book after you hit VIP status.
  • $50 off the additional person fees 
  • 20% off prints and photo gifts
  • First notice of special events, mini sessions, and more.  So you can call dibs on the best times before they all book up.
  • Quarterly referral discounts for your friends and family.
  • Be featured on my blog.  Show showcase your business, cause, or events with quarterly blog post options.

Awesome, right? How easy is it to earn this status you may be wondering.  So easy you may have already done it!

VIP Status is awarded when you do any one of the following.

  • Book a Full Branding package

  • Book a Content Portrait collection package

  • Book two standard sessions  

  • Book a monthly Social Media Management package

  • Refer two people who do any of the above-mentioned qualifiers

When you have hit VIP status I will shoot you an email letting you know and confirming you want to be on the VIP email list, that's how you will get the special notices.  That's it.  Once you have VIP status, it doesn't expire, so you get the VIP perks even if you go a while without using my services.  VIP perks are subject to change of course but isn't everything?


If you have questions, please email me, I would love to answer them.