I’m thrilled about the possibility of helping you tell your brand story through beautiful, consistent, and intentional imagery that creates emotional responses that will grab your audiences' attention.  

Personal brand photography is the tool you use to show your brand story.  Your brand is more than what you tell people it is, it is also how they perceive your brand to be based on the facts they see and the feelings that your brand creates.   A great brand story helps you connect with your clients creating loyal customers and raving fans.

Here is how it works.


Planning is step one because it is the most important part of a successful branding session.


We will start with a simple questionnaire and then we will pick a date to sit down and discuss strategy.  

I want to be clear on who you are, who your dream clients are, how you want them to feel about your brand, and what your brand messaging is.   I will bring my visual marketing expertise with me so together we will plan a photoshoot that will capture your unique style and make it easy for you to share your brand message.


Step Two: Prep Work.   

The next part is prepping for your brand session, based on the feel and flow we discussed in our strategy meeting we’ll decide on you “look” everything from our wardrobe to props and location/s.  

You will receive a photo shoot prep package that will tell you everything you need to know before the shoot.  No need to fear you are not alone in this part either, I am available via email to answer questions, review outfit choices, or just need a pep talk.


Step three: The Shoot

This is the fun part!  The shoot location, times, and details have been all planned out and we ready to have a good time.


Are you in?  Let's get started!