Personal Branding Photography

You are awesome at what you do and you are rocking this small business thing.  You are doing all the things and wearing all the hats. 


I see you! I am loving it and I say ~ "You do you, Love!" 


Just imagine if you had gorgeous marketing photos that showcased all you do.   Now wouldn’t it be fabulous if you not only knew how to share them but actually had the time to do it?





Hi There, I am Samantha a personal brand photographer & visual marketing guru.


I can help.  As a matter of fact, showing your awesomeness to the world is my passion.  Sure I don’t know you yet, but I bet I know you better than you think. 

I know that you have worked hard to get here.

I know that you do your best every day for your business and your family.  

I know that something about marketing yourself isn’t working and you just are not sure what to do about that.

Another thing that I would be willing to bet is that you would rather do anything other than being in front of a camera. 

And I know without a doubt that you believe anytime is coffee time.  (ok that last one may just be me.)


See, I do know you.   But even if I didn’t get it all correct I’d want to get to know you because I am positive that together we could free up your MOST valuable resource (time), so that you can get back to your real purpose and show the world your true, authentic self.   

What I do is for corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to elevate their online presence, sell authentically, amplify their confidence, and inspire trust by helping their customers see the real and relatable person behind the brand.  I photograph entrepreneurs, coaches, & creative business owners who want beautiful photos for their website, social media platforms, PR, and other marketing collateral. 


Then I take it a step further because I know that once you have the photos you must use them.  So I offer social media engagement consultation, optimization, and post-management that will free you and your time.


Do you need a Personal Brand Photography session?

Are you asking yourself if this is the solution you have been waiting for?   I would be, you should know that a branding session is so much more than you think. 


It’s not just a headshot….It's someone's first impression of you.


It is also stylized product photography, lifestyle images, custom and authentic stock images, and environmental images.  Whatever your brand needs to show who you are, what you do, and how you do it.


Some of my clients are movers and shakers who always need more photos.


Others have a key project – a rebrand, a book launch, or the roll-out of a new program, - that’s driving their desire to have their picture taken.


Others work with me because they want beautiful photos for their social media, website, book launch… and they want their audience to look at their images and feel really good about their brand.

I’m thrilled about the possibility of helping you tell your brand story through beautiful, consistent, and intentional imagery that creates emotional responses and will grab your audiences' attention.  





Personal brand photography is the tool you use to show your brand story.  Your brand is more than what you tell people it is, it is also how they perceive your brand to be based on the facts they see and the feelings that your band causes.  It is a complete picture of all this which means that you are not the only one telling it.  A great brand story helps you connect with your clients creating loyal customers and raving fans.

Create real connections.

Elevate your brand's reach. 

Capture your unique story.

Build a community.


Brand Imagery is the aesthetic appearance of your brand's core message. When you use beautiful on-brand imagery in combination with your brand messaging you build connection & brand awareness.  Done right your audience will feel connected and have powerful feelings of loyalty when they encounter your brand imagery.   This is especially important when there is no opportunity to touch, smell, or taste something.


You Deserve To Be Seen!



Are you ready to be seen?  Awesome, click here to learn more about what a brand session includes and how much it costs.