Black red and white graphi.  Women very excited on the computer.  Wording is- earn some digital downloads and help me out at the same time.  Win Win with  Samantha Markey Photography


Let's face it we all like to get more, right?  I sure do and if I can help our a business I already love in the process then I am all in!  I hope you are too.  If you had a session that included a limited number of digital downloads and you want more there is a way you can earn some extras right now with very little effort.

What I need is a little marketing support, you know being a small business sometimes marketing can be hard, even when marketing is what you do.  My stuff is normally always last to get posted, if at all.  what I am saying is I need some brand ambassadors, like you because if you post about me and share your experience that has a huge impact.  

Being an SMP Brand Ambassador is pretty simple and the amount of effort you want to put into it will determine how many downloads you get.

Earn one download code good for a digital download from your current photoshoot:

Post to your social accounts.  You must tag my page for credit.  These posts can be done on Facebook, Instagram, and or LinkedIn.  You will earn one credit for each social site that you post on.  If you have a business page and post to both that counts too.

  • Post an image from your session and tell about your experience with me. 
  • Share an SMP graphic for my current promotion.  Click Here for the current graphic download. be sure to add a little bit about why your friends should consider checking SMP out.
  • Encourage your friends to like my Facebook or Instagram pages.  For every 5 people who like my page and tell me you sent them you will earn a download code. a personal invite with a message goes a long way. 
  • Share an SMP story graphic to your story (up to 5 times on separate days) Click Here for the current story graphic downloads.  Feel free to spice it up a little.

If you decide to do more than one post please do not do them all on the same day.  

What is the catch?  If you are not wondering about the catch I would be surprised.  The good news is there really is no catch per se except you have to do these things before you earn the download codes and they have to be done within 30 days of receiving your images.  You can do one or all of them, totally up to you.

That's it.  Have fun, spread some love, and earn some more digital downloads.