Red White and green image with christmas wreath.  Corporait team holiday portraits

Offering team and or family portraits to your team is a holiday gift they will not forget.  As a matter of fact, it will be cherished for years and years.  Holiday portaits would be a great addition to your holiday party.  It would also make a COVID friendly replacement for your annual holiday party if you are no longer able to do a team gathering this could be an event you could offer in lue of the party.


I want to make it not only possible but easy and affordable to offer a gift that you will be proud to present to your team.   Do this for just the team or even better offer portraits to your team and thier families.  

 You will have two options to choose from.

Option one- In-Office photoshoot.

I come to you and your team, set up with a holiday backdrop for a certain time frame.  Depending on the size of your team and the way your office works we can either schedule specific times or do a first come first serve option.  I can bring one to four backdrops depending on the available space. You can allow employees to upgrade their sessions at their cost if they want to as well.   I am available during times that will work best for you including nights and weekends. 

In-office events start at $500.00 and include two backdrop of your choice,  two hours of time, the snowman collection for up to eight employees and a personalized webpage for booking and viewing.   You can customize this package with the options listed below, additional fees may apply.

  • Additional backdrop choices
  • Allow team members to upgrade their package - you choose if you wanto to pay for additional time or if they pay an upgraded session amount.
  • Personalized fliers created and printed for your in-office communication.
  • Offer more than one session date and time


To book this option contact me via email by clicking here to set up a quick consultation.  Please include any dates for the portraits you might have in mind.  


Option two- Portrait Vouchers.

Purchase portrait vouchers for each team member.  They will be able to use at any of my 2020 mini session events or schedule a personal session.  Vouchers will be valid from October 1st to May 31st, 2021.  They will have an option to upgrade their collection to any of the other packages just like them in-office options at no additional cost to you.

The cost of vouchers depends on what collection you want to offer and how many you purchase.

Collections Retail Value

Your cost

5-10 Vouchers

Your cost

11-20 Vouchers

Your cost

21+ Vouchers

Snowman Collection $250.00  $75.00 each  $55.00 each $25.00 each
Cookies & Coca Collection $325.00  $100.00 each  $80.00 each $50.00 each
Ribbon & Bows Collection $450.00  $125.00 each  $105.00 each $75.00 each
Jingle Bells Collection $575.00  $150.00 each  $130.00 each $100.00 each


To book this option contact me via email by clicking here to set up a quick consultation.  Please include how many of each collection level vouchers you need, when you need them by and your preferred method of payment.  I will confirm your order and collect a little additional information.  Then I will create your companies personalized vouchers.  We can add your logo and a message, along with booking instructions.


Example of flyer you could use to promote your holiday portraits:

Click here to learn more about this year's holiday mini sessions including what each collection includes and the available backdrops.